International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER)

ICER is a voluntary framework for cooperation between energy regulators from around the globe. It consists of 13 regional and national entities that bring together more than 200 regulatory authorities worldwide. Osinergmin has been a member since 2002, initially represented by the Ibero-American Association of Energy Regulatory Entities (ARIAE).

The organization aims to improve the knowledge and understanding of energy regulation by exchanging information and best practices through various activities and working groups. ICER’s central platform is the World Forum on Energy Regulation (WFER) and the ICER Chronicle. Its tenth edition of July 2021 includes an article by the Chair of the Board of Directors of Osinergmin regarding the electricity reform in Peru. The last edition is also available here.

On July 14, 2021, framed in the commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Peru, Osinergmin brought together ICER members in a virtual event to discuss “The challenges of the energy sector after the pandemic.” The event addressed the challenges of universal energy access and energy transition with high-level specialists from ICER members. The event included the participation of ICER's heads, the Ibero-American Association of Energy Regulatory Entities (ARIAE), Canada’s Energy and Utility Regulators (CAMPUT), the European Council of Energy Regulators (CEER), Osinergmin, representatives of the Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG), the Regional Electricity Regulators Association of Southern Africa (RERA), the Organization of Caribbean Utility Regulators (OOCUR), the Regional Association of Energy Regulators (ERRA), and the Regional Association of Energy Regulators for Eastern and Southern Africa (RAERESA). The event is available here in English.

ICER is led by David Danner, President of the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission.

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